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Product Name:HYPACK Office
Product Description:HYPACK® provides all of the tools necessary to complete your hydrographic, side scan and magnetometer survey requirements. With over 4,000 users around the world, HYPACK® provides you with the tools necessary to meet almost any hydrographic survey requirement. It provides tools to design your survey, collect your data, apply corrections to soundings, remove outliers, plot field sheets, export data to CAD, compute volume quantities, generate contours, create side scan mosaics and create/modify electronic charts.
Year of initial introduction:1984
Year of last update:2015
Modules:Our office package. It includes everything neede to process it and generate final products, such as contours, plotting sheets, output for CAD, flu-through views, cross sections and volumes calculations. The sidescan sonar, subbottom, adcp and magnetometer processing modules are standard features of HYPACK® OFFICE. You will need to add a HYSWEEP® license to include the modules for multibeam data processing.
Supported Systems (SB, MB, SSS, Lidar etc.):HYPACK®OFFICE supports a wide range of hydrographic equipment including Single Beam Echosounders, Side Scan Sonar, Subbottom ADCP, Pipe and Cable Trackers, Magnetometers, GPS, Motion Sensors, etc.
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM [MB]:4000
Use of GPU:No
Processor (CPU) :32-bit, 64-bit
Stereo Display:No
Field of Use:Hydrographic Surveys, Barge Positioning, Construction, archeology, Navigation, Offshore Surveys and Dredging.
Languages Supported:English, Spanish, French, Russian, and many more!
Files and Registering 
Input Formates {XTF, XYZ, GSF etc}:RAW, HSX, XYZ, XTF, IMG, CM2, JSF, XSE, GPX, GSF, .83P, .D1P, .81S, .ALL, .MST, .S7K, .SXI, .SXP, .TDY, .SDF, LAS, ASCII, and we can add custom formats.
Max. Number of Soundings:Unlimited and depends on the computer memory.
Supported Hydrographic Systems:HYPACK® Office: This is the office version of HYPACK® MAX. It allows you to perform all of the features of HYPACK® package with the exception of the data collection. You can use it to set up additional processing stations in your office or for supervising the processing of your survey data.
Background format support {Google, Bing, OGC, CAD etc.}:Web base charts: NOAA Catalog, ACOE Catalog, Bing Maps, USGS Imagery Maps, NASA. Other formats are: BSB Files, ARCS Raster Charts, C-Map Files, DIG Files, DGN Files, DGW Files, DG2 Files, DXF Files, DWG Files, ECW Files, GML Files, MIF Files, JPEG 2000 Files, PDF Files, PNG Files, SHP Files, MR.SID Files, S57 Files, S63 Files, TIF Files, VPF Files.
Visualisation and Editing 
2D Editing:Yes
2D Visualization:Yes
Fly-throughs support:Yes
3D fly-through movies {*.mov etc}:Yes
Area based 3D editing:Yes
Area based 3D View:Yes
3D View max number points:Unlimited
3D Integrated models:Yes
Sounding cleaning algorithms:Many
4D support:No
4D fly through movies {*.mov etc.}:No
Sound velocity correction:Single profile support
Sound velocity correction type:Time
Tidal reduction:RTK-tide, Tide
Support tidal reduction network:Y
Manual editing capability:Y
Gridding/Interpolation techniques:TIN and others
Grid attributes {Std., Mean, Max, etc.}:Minimum, Maximum, Range, Average, Nearest to Cell Center, Strikes, Best Angle, Samples Per Cell.
Lay-back correction:Y
Siant range correction:Y
Mosaic creation:Y
Mosaic creation algorithms:Proprietary
SSS Targeting:Yes
Video integration:N
Number of video channels:
Assessment of bathymetry IHO Cat S-44:
Type of automatic cleaning algorithm(s) :
Multibeam water column imaging support:
Multibeam Backscatter Processing Functionality:Yes
Mulitbeam Calibration mehods:
Geodetic Functionality 
Supported coordinate systems:Over 100 International and US pre defined grids, including WGS84, NAD27, Sate Planes (US), Geoid Models, V-Datum, and User Defined.
Geographical Coordinates {Lat, Long}:Y
Ground Coordinates {E,N}:Y
Seven Parameter shift supported:Y
Supported vertical reference frames  :Yes
Ellipsoidal reference support (GRS80):Y
Separation model for vertical datum shift support :Y
Local datum support:Y
Product Generation 
Automatic top of pipe calculation:
Slope analysis:
Dynamic event numbering:Y
Automatic cross profile creation:Y
Volume calculation:Y
Sounding Selection methods:Y
Export/Exchange options:XYZ, XTF, TIFF/GeoTIFF, ASCII, DXF, BMP, KML, Screen Captures, AVI.
Combining bathymetry / terrestrial point clouds:Y

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