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DPI-8X SR Handheld 3D Scanner

Product Name:DPI-8X SR Handheld 3D Scanner
Product Description:DotProduct develops high performance easy-to-use solutions for capturing 3D data. Our technology is designed for mobile professionals who need high quality spatial data, instantly. Our Phi.3D and Dot3D software turns an Android tablet into a fully mobile 3D-capture and -processing solution that delivers the results before you leave the worksite
Year of introduction :2015
Height [cm]:15
Depth [cm]:25
Width [cm]:8
Total weight [kg]:1.36
Hardware Material:
Operation Characteristics 
Operating temperature: min. [°C]:0
Operating temperature: max. [°C]:30
Humidity range [%]:Non-condensing
Scanning Characteristics 
Light source:Active
wavelength light source [nm]:830
Min. Range [mm]:300
Max. Range [mm]:2000
Max. vertical field of view [deg]:45
Max. horizontal field of view [deg]:60
Image point density:1
3D measurement accuracy [mm]:1-15
Typical Noise:1
Data aquisition speed (points p/second):
Color registration:Y
Scanning Speed:Fast
Laser Class:
Connectivity and Sensors 
USB Port:Y
Other Sensors and Ports:Yes
Battery type:Internal
Scan time per battery [h]:2.5
Mesh as output:N
Software name:Phi.3D 2.0
Real time visualization during scanning:Y
max. size of model [points]:50000000
Other Formats:DP, PTS, PTX, PLY, PTG, E57
Safety Certification:
Main users:Engineers, Architects, Police, Construction, Real Estate, Asset Management, Retail, Building Management, Security Planning, Archaeologists, Historians, etc.
Main applications:BIM & As-Built Documentation, MEP & Utilities Management, Construction & Renovation, Architecture & Real Estate, Custom Design & Installation, Industrial Facility Management, Forensic Mapping, Accident Reconstruction, Security Planning, 3D Modelling, Archaeological Documentation, Digital Heritage Preservation, etc.
More information 
Distinguishable features:All-in-one handheld device. Single-handed operation. All powered by the included Android tablet. All processed in seconds on the tablet. No cloud processing required. Real-time feedback during collection and immediate viewing of the point cloud on the tablet. Highly compressed .DP file format is 30-40 times smaller than standard formats. Direct export to industry standard PTS, PTX, PLY, PTG and E57 formats. Direct DP import into ReCap, RealWorks, LFM, CloudCompare, Arena4D, ClearEdge3D, PanoMap, and Rhinoceros

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Supplier Information
  • DotProduct

  • 11 Elkins St. - Suite 310
  • 02127 Boston
  • MA
  • United States of America



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