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Silas Processing Ultra High Resolution

Product Name:Silas Processing Ultra High Resolution
Product Description:Ultra High Resolution seismic process and interpretation software
Year of initial development:1996
Year of latest version:2017
Operating System:Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Minimum computer requirements:1 GHz Pentium processor, 256 MB memory
Coupling to hardware 
Proprietairy data processing:Y
Supported sensor systems:Sub-bottom data
Open to other data formats:Y
Ground truthing 
Independent samples required:N
Ground truthing possible:Y
Max. amount of derived classes:15
Extracted parameters:Impedance, Absorption, Velocity, Densitylevel, Depth
Timing of analysis:Offline, Real-time
Pre-processing data and quality control:Y
Employed signal characteristics 
Full wave-form:Y
Derived depths:Y
Applied principle 
Signal modeling:N
Feature extraction :Y
Feature detection methods:Yes
Contour creation:Y
Profile creation:Y
Reporting chart creation:N
S-57 support:Y
Other specifications 
Supported export formats:XYZ for each indicated class / layer, ASCII, HTML, JPEG, Bitmap
Typical application:Densitylevels for nautical depth studies, Classification of sub-bottom data, Subbottom contact detection (pipeline/cable/object)

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