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Product Name:VisionLiDAR
Product Description:VisionLiDAR is designed to simplify and automate work for LiDAR point cloud and 3D image processing in the air, on the ground and in motion. Import your data from any scanner and get qualitative and intelligent point cloud skimming, intelligent complex volume calculation with tetrahedrons (for overhangs) and many others. With VisionLiDAR, you now have a new and better way to acquire field data directly into your office. It offers many productivity and time saving tools like processing effectively over 100 billion points. Quickly and precisely calculate the volume between two surfaces, sections or complex volumes (overhangs), recognizing objects in a point cloud. Classify your points intelligently to avoid losing the original data. Its unique object classification method facilitates virtual land surveying. Accurately calculate the size and circumference of a pipe from a point cloud, making your land surveys from a vectorized point cloud. Process your land, mobile and air points with the same software and easily share your site surveys from the point cloud to your CAD and vice versa and many more. With VisionLiDAR, you now have a new and better way to acquire field data directly into your office. Work in the comfort of your office!
Year of initial introduction :2013
Year of last update:2018
Source of Point Clouds:Airborne Lidar, Indoor TLS, Outdoor TLS, Photogrammetric, Radar
Supported Systems:ALS, MLS, TLS
Hardware/software requirements 
RAM [GB]:8
HD [GB]:100
Use of GPU:Y
Processor (CPU) :32-bit, 64-bit
Stereo Display:N
List software environment, e.g. Microstation:AutoCAD, BricsCAD, MicroStation, Powerdraft
Files and Registering 
Input formats:txt, pts, ptx, E57, LAS, LAZ
Output formats:dwg, E57, PTS, LandXML
Max. file size (#3D points):100000000000
Automatic Target Detection:Y
Stitching multiple scans:Y
Visualisation and Editing 
Zoom, pan and rotate:Y
Adding Points:Y
Removing Points:Y
Point Reduction:Y
Pre-processing and Automatic Filtering 
Image matching facilities:Y
Frequency domain decoding for data reduction :
Removal of individual outliers :Y
Removal of vegetation:Y
Removal of buildings:Y
Bare ground DEM generation:Y
Manual Measurements 
3D Coordinates extraction :Y
Length and Height:Y
Automatically Generated Products 
Regular Grid DEMs:Y
Cross sections:Y
Contour Lines:Y
Break lines:Y
Boundary detection of solids:Y
Building footprints:Y
Building roofs:Y
3D City modelling:BIM
Solid Modelling 
Industrial features:
Earth surface features:Trees, lamppost, Traffic light
Line of sight:Y
Aspect and slope:Y
Individual tree heights:Y
Simulation facilities:
Time series analysis:Y
CAD software:AutoCAD, MicroStation, BricsCAD, Powerdraft
Hydrological software :
Assigning colour from imagery to points :Y
Image overlay on TIN :Y
Integration with other data types :DXF, SHP
Support:Yes : online / phone / email
Typical applications:Mining, land surveying, agriculture, topography
Distinguishing features :AI object recognition, Clash detection tools, Scan to BIM, Automatic classification.Fully automatic, easy to use. Rental options available. Permanent or subscription license

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Supplier Information
  • Geo-Plus

  • 2077, Michelin Street
  • H7L5B7 Laval
  • Quebec
  • Canada



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