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Parrot Sequoia

Product Name:Parrot Sequoia
Description:Sequoia is the smallest, lightest multispectral sensor ever released. It captures images across four defined, visible and non-visible spectral bands, plus RGB imagery, in just one flight.
Type:Multispectral imaging
Year of introduction :2016
Year of last update:2016
Camera Controller 
Length [m]:
Width [m]:
Height [m]:
Weight [kg]:
Power requirements:
Type of data storage:SD-card slot
Disc capacity [GB]:64
Number of discs:0
Type of GNSS/INS positioning system:Onboard GPS, IMU and magnetometer
Camera Unit 
Camera unit Length [m]:0.0185
Camera unit Width [m]:0.059
Camera unit Height [m]:0.041
Camera unit Weight [kg]:0.072
Power requirements:USB Powered: 5W typical
Multi- & Hyperspectral Sensor Characteristics 
Numer of spectral channels:4
Spectral resolution [nm]:
Most narrow wavelength captured [nm]:550
Most wide wavelength captured [nm]:790
Type of CCD or CMOS:
Image resolution:16 megapixel
Field of View Horizontal [deg]:
Field of View Vertical [deg]:
Observation angle [deg]:
Focal length of available lenses [mm]:
Sensor arrangement/method:
Pixel size [µm]:
Dynamic range [bits]:10
Frame rate (f/s):1
Thermal Sensor Characteristics 
Min. temperature sensing [°C]:
Max. temperature sensing[°C]:
Accuracy of temp. measurement:
Sensor temperature resolution[°C]:
Operation Characteristics 
Platforms (e.g. Helicopter, fixed wing):Designed for every drone. Sequoia can be easily integrated into both kinds of drones: fixed-wing and multi-rotor.
Min. flying height [m]:10
Max. flying height [m]:150
Min. operation temperature [°C]:
Max. operation temperature [°C]:
Export data formats :
Type of mission planning software:
Type of postprocessing software:
Application and use 
Training facilities:No
Main applications :The Sequoia multispectral sensor captures both visible and invisible images, providing calibrated data to optimally monitor the health and vigor of your crops. Sequoia captures calibrated wavelength, Green, Red, Red-Edge and Near Infrared to highlight the health of plants.
Distinguishable features :Very easy to integrate and handle. The fully-integrated sunshine sensor captures and logs the current lighting conditions and automatically calibrates outputs of the camera so measurements are absolute. Thereby featuring excellent precision flexible integration, and small size and weight, the Sequoia sensor is designed to fit all types of drones, fixed wing and multi-rotor drones, with or without gimbals.

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Supplier Information
  • senseFly

  • Route de Genève 38 - (Z.I. Châtelard Sud)
  • 1033 Cheseaux-Lausanne
  • Vaud
  • Switzerland



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