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Product Name:RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV
Description:The new RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV is an extremely lightweight miniaturized airborne laser scanner, designed specifically for integration with the newly emerging survey platforms within UAS/UAV/RPAS. The small and sophisticated design of the stable aluminium housing enables integration with systems that have restricted space or payload weight. The 360° field of view allows complete acquisition of the environment. An easy to remove SD storage card for data acquisition, and/or the option for streaming the scan data via LAN-TCP/IP interface, in combination with the modest power consumption of the scanner, enables simple integration possibilities with most UAS/UAV/RPAS systems. The RIEGL miniVUX-1UAV makes use of RIEGL’s unique Waveform-LIDAR technology, allowing echo digitization and online waveform processing. Multi-target resolution is the basis for penetrating even dense foliage. Additionaly the wavelength is optimized for the meaurement of snowy and icy terrain.
Year of introduction:2016
Year of last update:2017
Total weight [kg]:1.55
Power requirements:11-34VDC typ. 16W
Type of GNSS/INS positioning system:optional
Data storage facilities:SDHC/SDXC memory card up to 128 GByte
Mission planning software:
Postprocessing software:RiPROCESS, RiACQUIRE, RiWORLD,
Laser Pulse Characteristics 
Wavelength [nm]:
Standard pulse length [ns]:
Pulse length variation [ns]:
Beam divergence [mrad]:
Type/class laser:1
Eyesafe range [m]:
Measurement Characteristics  
Scanning method :time of flight measurement
Scan frequency [Hz]:100000
Min. pulse frequency [Hz]:100000
Max. pulse frequency [Hz]:100000
Max. field of view [deg]:360
Max. number of recorded echoes per pulse:5
Full-wave form digitization:Y
Pulse sampling frequency [GHz]:
Recording of intensity of return signal [bits]:16
Multiple pulses in air:N
Uncertainty and resolution 
Pitch and roll pointing precision [deg]:
Heading pointing precision [deg]:
Elevation precision at 1 km [m]:
Planimetric precision at 1km [cm]:
Across-track point spacing at 1km [m]:
Operation Characteristics 
Platform:Helicopter, Fixed-wing, RPAS (UAV/UAS)
Min. flying height [m]:
Max. flying height [m]:100
Max. acquisition time [hr]:
Main applications:-Agriculture & Forestry -Archeology and Cultural Heritage Documentation -Construction-Site Monitoring -Glacier and Snowfield Mapping -Landslide Monitoring
More information 
Distinguishable features :very compact & lightweight (1.55 kg / 3.4 lbs) 360° field of view Stable aluminium housing, ready to be mounted to fixed-wing, rotary-wing, and multi-rotor UAVs -RIEGL’s unique echo signal digitization and online waveform processing -Multiple target capability – up to 5 target echoes per laser shot -Scan speed up to 100 scans/sec -Measurement rate up to 100,000 measurements/sec -Mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting -Exceptionally well suited to measure snowy and icy terrain

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