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Product Name:Maverick
Product Description:Light enough to be worn on a backpack, carried by a Segway or strapped to a car’s roof, the Optech Maverick mobile mapping system sets a high bar for size, portability and versatility. The Maverick is as powerful as it is portable, collecting hundreds of thousands of lidar points per second, 360° camera imagery and position and orientation data, all in a >9 kg package. This flexibility lets surveyors use the Maverick for asset mapping, transportation safety, construction, rail utilities, 3D modelling and more, even in locations like alleys and trails that are inaccessible to larger vehicles.
Year of initial introduction:
Year of last update:
Dimensions & Environment 
Size with case :55.9 cm × 45.7 cm × 25.4 cm
Weight [kg]:9
Min. Operation temp. [°C]:0
Max. Operation temp. [°C]:43
Max. humidity [%]:
GNSS receiver: Brand and model :Novatel
Number of antennas:
Tracked GNSS signals:
Update rate of GNSS receiver:
IMU: Brand and model :
IMU update rate [kHz]:
Wheel sensor: Brand and model :
Number of wheel sensors:
Ground control point integration supported:
Camera System  
Brand and model :Point Grey Ladybug
Number of cameras:6
Spectral Bands [PAN, RGB, NIR, CIR]:RGB
CCD size [.. x .. pixels]:2448 x 2048
Pixel size [micron]:3.45
FoV per camera [deg]:
Maximum frames/sec. per camera :
Export formats:JPEG/TIF
Intensity coding {bit}:
Lidar Sensor 
Brand:Velodyne HDL-32
Range precision (1 σ) :
Number of laser scanners:1
Wavelength [nm]:
Laser safety classification:Class 1 eyesafe
Min. Range [m]:
Max Range [m]:
Beam diameter at exit [mm]:
Beam divergence [mrad]:
Spot at 50m distance [mm]:
Intensity recording [bit] :
Max. vertical field of view [deg]:
Max. measurement rate [kHz]:700
Scans per second:
Export formats:
Absolute accuracy (1 σ): :
Measurements per laser pulse:
Control Unit 
Size hard disk [GB]:
WiFi :
I/O port(s) :
Included Processing Software 
Photogrammetry Software:
Laser Point Clouds Software:Distillery
Project Management Software:
Other Software:
Recommended software (If no software included):
Max. speed [km/hr]:
Operating time [hr]:
Built-in Stabilisation :
Distinguishing features :Weighing under 9 kilograms, Maverick can be both installed and removed by a single individual. Maverick is easily mounted on a variety of platforms, including vehicles, ATVs/UTVs, Segways, trains, and backpacks. The portable system is able to operate in a wide range of conditions and can be utilized for projects of any size and scope. Combining high-resolution 360º imaging, high definition lidar, and an integrated position and orientation system, the Maverick delivers impressive and accurate mobile data. Maverick collects up to 700,000 data points per second, and captures high-resolution images using six high-quality 5-MP sensors. The Maverick comes packaged with real-time data display and feedback, along with Distillery software to provide imaging, lidar, and GPS post-processing.
Main Applications :Maverick was developed to fill the need in the industry for a portable and powerful mobile mapping unit. Maverick provides a robust and multi-functional dataset that can be utilized for a wide range of projects and applications. To date, Maverick has collected data in the industries of transportation safety, construction, asset management, rail, utilities, and 3D modeling.
Training provided :yes

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