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Product Name:Spaceye
Description:Spaceye is our online platform that provides timely and global access to advanced remote sensing products in various thematic areas, like Agriculture, Marine and Coastal Monitoring, Natural Hazards and much more. These products include multiple spectral indexes, classified maps, and physical parameters (chlorophyll estimation, crop stress, crop identification and growth stage, soil organic matter, etc). Spaceye is ideal for people and companies that exploit or need to exploit Earth Observation data. Experts with remote sensing background, who wish not to waste time in searching, selecting, downloading, imagery preprocessing and calculating indexes, Spaceye have you covered. Enterprises that need to integrate with their products added-value information and not just data, Spaceye is a cost effective solution. Multi-temporal analysis is now possible with a fraction of effort and price. For our Constellation clients we also offer even more specialized services, by implementing custom remote sensing algorithms and by performing studies and field/lab spectral measurements to prove how Earth Observation benefits their businesses.
Year of introduction:2016
Deliverable raster products:Timelapse mosaics, Processed Earth Observation Products
Deliverable vector products [2D and 3D]:Land use maps, Thematic maps
Options for delivery:Individual Files
Satellites or constellations of delivered products:Landsat 5, Landsat 8, MODIS-Aqua, MODIS-Terra, Sentinel 2
Imagery Specifications 
Spectral band types:Red, Green, Blue, Red edge, Near-infrared, SWIR, LWIR
Spectral bands [specify wavelengths]:0.433–0.453 µm, 0.450–0.515 µm, 0.525–0.600 µm, 0.630–0.680 µm, 0.845–0.885 µm, 1.560–1.660 µm, 2.100–2.300 µm, 0.500–0.680 µm, 1.360–1.390 µm,
Dynamic range of RGB image [bit depth]:16
Dynamic range of other products [specify bit depth and spectral band]:
Data formats of imagery:GeoTIFF
Resolution and Accuracy 
Resolution of RGB imagery [best GSD in meters]:10
Resolution of other bands [GSD in meters]:15
Geolocation accuracy [RMSE at nadir in meters]:
Geolocation accuracy [CE90 at nadir in meters]:12
Geolocation accuracy [other measures]:
Image corrections 
Proces of geometric correction:
Image sharpening methods:
Sensor corrected:Y
Proces of sensor correction:
Radiometrically corrected:Y
Process of radiometric and/or atmospheric correction:
Revisit time and delivery 
Revisit time for defined data products:
Delivery time [Time between data capture and delivery; in hours]:6
Custom inquiries and license  
Short description of data license :Data is free to share after download
Possibilities for custom inquiries:
More information and distinguishable features:Large variety of derived products are available, like: Mineral mapping, vegetation indexes and land cover products. Service offers free packages.

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