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Sea Scan ARC Explorer

Product Name:Sea Scan ARC Explorer
Product Description:The Sea Scan ARC Explorer Adaptive CHIRP towed system is a ultra high resolution side scan sonar system used for a wide variety of missions. Trusted by Police, Fire, and Military units all over the world. Utilizing the highest frequency on the market at 1800kHz the images are phenomenal. The ARC Explorer also includes features you will not see any where else such as our interchangeable transducers allowing access to all available frequencies on one towfish, an integrated variable angle bracket for easy vertical imaging, along with a complete 3yr warranty.
Year of introduction:2014
System Description 
System type:Stand alone
Mode of operation:Dual frequency, Single frequency
Location of digitation:Towfish
Transceiver and recorder 
Model name:ARC Explorer
Min. AC power [V]:110
Max. AC power [V]:220
Min. DC power [V]:10
Max. DC power [V]:36
Power consumption [W]:30
Data processing and imaging capabilities:SDS (Sonar Data Stream) & XTF (Extended Triton Format)
Standard system interfacing capabilities:Interfaces with all major Sonar Data Processors
Generation of firing trigger:Internal
Model identification:ARC Explorer
Length [m]:1.156
Width [m]:0.1016
Height [m]:0.1016
Weight in air [kg]:20.5
Max. depth rating [m]:300
Transducer type and material:Piezoelectric Ceramic
Materials used:Aluminum, Stainless Steel, & PVC
Fish height from seabed determination method:Displayed by on screen real time indication of Nadir placement tracking first bottom return. Optional pressure sensor available.
Deployment methods:Vessel Towed, Winch
Depression technique:Towfish Weight, Keel Weight, Sea Wing
Cable and winch 
Type of Cable supported:Single coax w/ Kevlar strength member
Max. length of cable [m]:300
Winch type recommended:ER200
Operating frequencies 
Min. frequency [kHz]:300
Max. frequency [kHz]:1800
Min. pulse length [µs]:128
Max. pulse length [µs]:256
Source level [dB] :201
Max. range [m]:275
Min. beam width [deg]:0.3
Max. beam width [deg]:0.3
Min. vertical beam width [deg]:20
Max. vertical beam width [deg]:20
Min. depression angle [deg]:10
Max. depression angle [deg]:10
Max. horizontal resolution [cm]:0.5
Max. vertical resolution [cm]:
Max. operating speed [kt]:12
More information 
Application:Search & Rescue, Evidence Recovery, Homeland Security, Salvage, & Environmental study
Distinguishable features :Interchangeable Transducers, Variable Angle

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