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How does it work?

 As a manufacturer, you can add new products, videos and case studies at any time from your dashboard. The online marketing team at Geo-matching.com will actively promote your products through the website, the weekly e-newsletter, the social media network, SEO and AdWords, offering you a complete online marketing solution throughout the year.




 Martplanes- Roger Ohlund, CMO

“Having a presence at Geo-matching.com has been a success story. Not only has it generated a number of leads, it has actually generated sales, on a recurring business.”


RIEGL_Logo_Schriftzug_4c_R - Silvia Zaiser, manager Marketing & PR

“We are really happy with the number of leads coming from Geo-matching.com.We noticed, that products with an upgraded listing (and especially accompanied by a video) generate much more leads than standard entries. Therefore, we would recommend to use the upgrade listing to promote the products efficiently."


Valeport - Kevin Edwards Sales & marketing manager

“A great outlet for promoting our products, it gets us a few orders as well!”